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Patient #1 (names are withheld for obvious reasons)

This gentleman was about 50 years old. Worked hard in the construction field supporting his family. He was built and looked strong. He discussed his snoring issue with me. Said his wife was tolerant but complained often.

He had slightly elevated blood pressure, and about 20 pounds over weight, mostly muscle. He told me he was tired at work. I discussed with him the possibility of a sleep disorder and suggested a Home Sleep Test. He agreed and scheduled the following Monday morning to do the on-line face-to-face with our board certified sleep physician.

I received the call on the weekend. The patient had a heart attack and was taken into emergency surgery for triple by-pass! If he had been tested and fitted with an Oral Appliance earlier he could have reversed his cardiac issues.

Patient #2

A man 55 years old told me he had Sleep Apnea and snored so loudly his wife sleep 3 rooms away from him. He had been diagnosed and prescribed a CPAP (continuous pressure air pressure) device to wear at night with a full face mask. He hates it, and after 3 months, refuses to wear it anymore.

I suggested he get a current Home Sleep Test and get approved for an oral appliance to keep his airway open and sleep well without a CPAP machine.

He is scheduled to test soon.

Patient #3

A woman in her late 60's has all the signs, overweight, snores, muscle pains, leg cramps, restless sleep patterns and I recommended a Home Sleep Test which she completed twice.

She tested positively for moderate sleep apnea with and average of 18 ten-second periods of arrested breathing per hour.

She is awaiting the oral appliance delivery. I'll post her results as soon as we complete a post-delivery home sleep test.

As the data keeps pouring in, sleep disordered breathing is being discovered as a fundamental symptom related to many health issues.

Yes, it starts with snoring and progresses all the way to severe sleep apnea and in some cases premature death due to asphyxiation. Even the spouses of a snorer lose a hour and half sleep on average!

With over 70 million estimated undiagnosed cases, it has become a major health issue. Chronic snoring, gasping during sleep, frequent daytime drowsiness and headaches are not normal. These are often the effects of an obstructed airway and can lead to serious health conditions.

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