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Not only will snoring keep you and your loved ones awake, but it can also be the sign of a more severe sleep issue. Fortunately, our team can help by providing a variety of snoring solutions. Snoring solutions can help to prevent unobstructed airflow at night, which results in snoring and possible cessation of breathing.

Snoring solutions are available at Bergen Health & Wellness in Ridgefield and the surrounding area. Occasional snoring is not uncommon and may not be a significant concern. However, if you have a history of this problem, you should not wait any longer to seek help. Dr. Joseph Portale, DMD, MAGD can help find a solution for your needs.

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How snoring occurs

At some point in life, many people have bouts with snoring while asleep due to a stuffy nose or other cold-related issues. Allergies can play a role, too, as can the position a person is lying in bed. Chronic snoring is a more significant concern, which happens when air is unable to pass through a person’s mouth and nose. As the air attempts to do so, it will vibrate against the tissues in the airway and make the noises associated with snoring.

Aside from the usual suspects of nasal congestion from cold or allergies, there are other reasons people have problems with consistent snoring. Many people have excessive throat or nasal tissue, making it too difficult for air to move through unobstructed. Another possible cause is that the person’s tongue gets in the way of the passing air.

Potential causes of snoring

It is helpful for people to recognize when they might be prone to chronic snoring. The faster people identify these situations, the more likely it is that they can find effective relief. Some factors to watch out for include:

  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Sleeping position
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoking

Being overweight tends to cause a buildup of tissue in the neck and throat, which can inhibit breathing. This condition results in difficulty breathing while asleep. As people, the throat can narrow. Along with becoming more narrow, the muscles in the throat can become weaker as well. The position one sleeps in can also cause snoring. People who sleep on the back can close the airways.

Alcohol consumption and smoking are two substances that cause muscles in the throat to relax. The more people abuse them, the more likely they are to snore at night.

Treatment options

Luckily, there are snoring solutions for people who face this troubling problem. At Bergen Health & Wellness, we can explore different options for each patient. Our team will examine the patient’s medical history and current condition. Since each patient is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for snoring. Instead, Dr. Joseph Portale, DMD, MAGD will customize the treatment according to the person’s needs and challenges.

With our snoring and sleep apnea treatment, patients will be able to find solutions that make sense for their condition. Our team may make adjustments to the treatment method as necessary. Typical solutions include oral appliance therapy (Mouthguards), tongue depressors and CPAP machines.

Oral appliance therapy (Mouthguard)

Oral appliance therapy involves creating and fitting a customized mouthguard that pushes the jaw forward, allowing air to pass freely. The patient will wear this each night while asleep. It is more compact than a CPAP machine and easy to transport when traveling.

Tongue depressors

Tongue depressors are a similar appliance to a mouthguard. When the tongue is blocking the airway and inhibiting breathing at night, a tongue depressor may be able to help. It will hold the tongue in place so the patient can have consistent air movement through the mouth.

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine

Patients who struggle with sleep apnea can benefit from this solution. Since snoring and sleep apnea can be connected, a CPAP ventilator might be the right way to go for a patient who struggles with this nightly challenge.

This machine uses a pump to force continuous air into the person’s mouth through a mask and a tube. It keeps the airway open throughout the night, but some wearers find it to be uncomfortable.

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When you are ready to discuss ways to eliminate snoring from your nightly rest, consider these possible snoring solutions. Dr. Joseph Portale, DMD, MAGD will advise you on a treatment that makes the most sense. At Bergen Health & Wellness, our team will be consistent with follow-up appointments to make sure the treatment is helping.

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