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Sleeping problems can affect your physical and emotional well-being. Fortunately, Dr. Joseph Portale, DMD, MAGD and our team can conduct a sleep study to measure the extent of the issue and recommend treatment. A home sleep test will involve the patient recording their breathing, snoring, heart rate, sleep patterns and more for medical professionals to review before developing a treatment.

Home sleep studies are available at Bergen Health & Wellness in Ridgefield and the surrounding area. A home sleep test can help patients understand what is causing their sleepless nights. You can take this test and complete it from the comfort of your own home. Dr. Joseph Portale, DMD, MAGD will review the results after and determine which treatment will meet your needs.

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Home sleep test overview

With the convenience of a home sleep test, patients will not have the difficulty of falling asleep in an unfamiliar place. For the study to be effective, the patient will need to record a regular night of sleep. Since they may have a condition that interrupts their sleep patterns, we need to customize the treatment based on the results.

These tests can reveal issues such as snoring and sleep apnea. Our sleep clinic offers the convenience of a home test. Usually, patients will wear the following items as part of the test equipment:

  • A finger clip that will measure the person’s oxygen level
  • An upper-chest belt that will monitor respiratory effort
  • A nasal device to measure the amount of airflow coming into the person’s nose

More complicated tests will use instruments to monitor brain activity as well as leg and arm movement.

How the home sleep test works

Patients who are concerned about the inability to sleep will visit with our medical practitioner. If it makes sense to do the home test, Dr. Joseph Portale, DMD, MAGD will order the test and demonstrate how to use it properly. Typically, the patient will keep it overnight and take it just once.

Results will automatically go to our wellness center wirelessly. Our team will analyze it and share the results with the patient. We can then customize a treatment plan for the needs of the patient.

Benefits of an at-home test

Tests and procedures can intimidate patients. An in-lab sleep test can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. It can also take weeks to schedule a time to administer the test, as well. By taking an at-home test, the patient may be more likely to follow through with the process and do so in a more convenient, comfortable manner.

Also, when our medical practitioner decides the patient should use a home sleep test, the person can do it the next day or at a time that works well. With our test and sleep apnea treatment, patients will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted, sound sleep.

What the test can show

Sleepless nights can be agonizing for anyone. Sleep tests can provide information about what is causing these troubling issues. Sleep tests assess a patient’s breathing patterns at night and how these affect sleep. The tests can be effective at diagnosing sleep apnea.

Our medical practitioner has the training to assess which patients would more likely benefit from an at-home test, an in-office test or neither. Elderly patients are often candidates for home tests because it might otherwise be difficult for them to make it to the lab. Patients who do not have health issues such as heart disease are candidates for this test.

Signs a person should take the test

Having an occasional bad night’s rest is not uncommon for most people. Stress, illnesses or an uncomfortable bed are potential causes for these annoyances. However, people who experience this consistently should consider speaking to our sleep clinic staff about taking a sleep test at home.

Some people can fall asleep and stay asleep at night but feel drowsy throughout the day. This drowsiness could be an indication that the person had breathing problems throughout the night. Also, snoring is a clue that an individual has sleep apnea. The tests can help confirm this suspicion.

Our wellness center team will customize treatment for each patient’s needs. Once a patient takes the sleep test at home, Dr. Joseph Portale, DMD, MAGD will meet with them to discuss next steps, additional treatments and the prospects for recovery.

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