Airway Crisis in America

There is now a crisis in the US due to chronic sleep disorders. The National Center on Sleep Disorders Research (NASDR) states that 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems, with approximately 60% of these having a chronic disorder.

Furthermore: 80% of people with severe disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea are undiagnosed!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that drowsy driving causes up to 6,000 FATAL crashes each year. Subways, trains, ferries, ships, trucks and cars become death traps when a sleep breathing disordered person is at the wheel.

Celebrities, athletes and average Americans alike can fall prey to this syndrome without warning. Links to pre-mature death, Alzheimer and dementia are now documented. In fact, recently a cardiologist described the last beat of a dying heart as a final apnea event.

Even light snoring can be an early warning sign indicating a slowly collapsing airway. It's no laughing matter!

Restricted airways mean lower oxygen levelsĀ  reach the brain during sleep reducing the body's ability to regenerate properly. The NASDR states that sleep disorders, sleep deprivation and sleepiness add an estimated $15.9 billion to the national healthcare bill.

The American Dental Association has adopted a policy for all dentists to screen patients for sleep-related breathing disorders.

Why be a statistic? ... call 201-945-5353 and schedule a simple screening to discover your risk.

If treatments are indicated, health insurance and medicare cover nearly all expenses.

Sleep Breathing Disorders from Snoring to CPAP Alternatives